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Dyslexia Is an Advantage Even When Job Hunting

Research by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire found that dyslexics are great at pointing out things that are out of place like weeds in a garden. Researchers found that dyslexics could point out visual representations of causal reasoning at faster rates than non-dyslexics.  Which means they can point out things that don't make sense in painting or photographs a lot easier and faster. In one study astrophysicists with dyslexia were able to pick out black holes from the noise faster than non-dyslexics. In another study with college students, dyslexics were better at memorizing blurry images that looked like x-rays. These are great advantages in medicine and science.  So, if dyslexia can be a gift, why does it may make it harder to find employment. Dyslexics can have a tough time getting a job. Where do you even start? You can start by listing your strengths in your resume. Employers want to know your strengths and skills right off the bat to see if you fit the position…
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Dyslexia Jobseekers

Dyslexia can be difficult for a plethora of reasons and finding a job is no different. Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence, but not everyone knows that, so here are a few things you, a person with dyslexia, should know when looking for a job.           Play to your strengths. Research job requirements and apply to jobs that match your strengths and abilities. Many dyslexics are creative, visual thinkers and have a good eye. Find your strengths and use them to your advantage by applying to jobs that fit them.  And consider all your options. Do you want a typical 9-5 job? Many people with dyslexia don't want to fit into that category since it often stifles their creativity. But that's okay. Not everyone can handle the same type of job. Do you want a job in graphic design or architecture? How about computer programming, teaching, law, personal training, research? Do what you are interested in instead of what will impress your family or even the job your family wants you…

The Gift of Dyslexia: Entrepreneurship

Many dyslexics are entrepreneurs. In Fact, a survey found that 35% of businesses owners in the U.K and the U.S were dyslexic. Dyslexics are creative thinkers and can adapt easily. These traits are made for entrepreneurship. Just ask Richard Branson, Tiffany Sunday or Theo Paphitis. They all contribute their success to their dyslexia. Many dyslexics are called thick and are told they will never amount to anything but that couldn't father from the truth. They have an average or even above average I.Q. Their brains are wired differently which doesn't equate to being dumb.
Theo Paphitis is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britan. While dyslexia is difficult Paphitis said he drove him to find solutions to any given problem. This is a great skill not just in life but in running a business. Paphitis contributes his success to his dyslexia so much that he said he wouldn't be successful without it. Dyslexia gave him the confidence to tackle anything.


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